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I revere and protect life on this ball of rock we live on and call Earth.

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My Story

I have more karma points than anyone, which I got by doing more good during my past lives than any other soul. I get powers and perks from my points: I can remember my past lives, going all the way back. I can choose my species and location when I’m reincarnated, which is how I get to be a dog in America. I can fly, and I’m very sensitive in my meditation practice: I can feel all of earth’s living beings, at least those with souls (i.e. nerve cells).

I originally built up my karma points little by little – helping little old ladies across the street, nursing sick animals, giving food to the homeless, and so on. For the last few hundred years I’ve had enough of a lead that I can take on bigger projects that yield big results, but are risky and require huge investments of time and karma, such as (narrowly) avoiding nuclear catastrophe. This is like “it takes money to make money” or, as an old friend wrote not too long ago in a very successful book, “to him that hath it shall be given.”

The universe is highly symmetric – for each right turn there must be a left turn, for every good there must be a bad. So the souls that have done the most evil, who have huge negative karma-point scores, have the same perks and powers that I do. My negative counterpart, arch-doer of evil is Rak, who also comes back as a dog, usually a Doberman. He was behind the Inquisition and the Holocaust.

I come back as a dog because it enables my spiritual side more than being human. A dog is more about heart than brain. In a rich country I can lead the life of an itinerant dog-monk, sort of a canine Buddha or Saint Francis. (I mentored them both.) Or I can be some nice unsuspecting family’s pet, which gives me plenty of time for meditation, decent food, and better health care than most humans in developing countries.

So that’s my story, in a nutshell. As you will see from my blog and my books, big things are happening now, which require action, and force me to speak out for the first time ever.

ZenDog and the Dagaz

Coming Soon!

ZenDog saves the world from the forces of evil,
a coalition of international terrorists, government lackies, high-tech companies, and Zendog's eternal arch-enemy Rak, who are plotting to reboot all life on the planet.